About us

HortiTech was founded in 2019, when Peet van Adrichem joined forces with Pim and Perry van Adrichem, after he finished his job as initiator and originator of the World Horti Center. The principal idea behind this unique organization is to help the world grow, with knowledge gained and perfected in the Netherlands.

Meet the team

Each of the team members brings in his own expertise consisting of a broad horticultural knowledge, structural collaborations, wide international network. A driven and pragmatic team.

Our mission

HortiTech strives to advance the future of greenhouse horticulture by sharing innovative knowledge. We support universities, students, and companies with workshops, training, and experiments. Our mission is to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and help customers achieve their commercial goals.

Our vision

HortiTech aims to be the leading innovation partner in the greenhouse industry. We aim to provide practical solutions to complex issues and promote sustainable growth. As an innovative employer, we want to create a dynamic environment where knowledge and practice reinforce each other.

Our proud partners

HortiTech - partners - Harmoniz - Logo

Harmoniz is a vegetable breeding company specialising in fruit crops, with tomato as the main crop, followed by pepper. The parent company is located in Israel, but branch offices have since emerged in several countries such as Italy, Spain, Mexico and, since 2023, the Netherlands. The new R&D greenhouse in Honselersdijk, facilitated together with HortiTech and Metazet FormFlex, is entirely dedicated to breeding for varieties in the high-tech heated greenhouses worldwide. A new showroom will also be set-up here to present the products to (potential) customers ranging from cultivation companies to retail. Harmoniz tomatoes are characterised by their unique flavour and quality properties. A well-known one is Pom Sweet Candy, which is in the top retail segment due to its specific flavour and shape.

HortiTech assumes responsibility for cultivation, crop labour and other operational aspects, relieving them of all their worries and allowing Harmoniz to concentrate fully on their core business. Together, we look forward to the coming years of innovative projects in the new R&D greenhouse!

HortiTech - partners - Metazet - Logo

For more than four decades, Metazet has been transforming the world of horticulture with smart solutions. Metazet’s technical logistics systems optimise cultivation processes worldwide, while contributing to the successes of countless horticultural projects. Their focus includes advanced cultivation systems, pipe rail systems and suspension materials.

In the new R&D greenhouse, the focus for Metazet is on innovation. The aim is to test the latest techniques in a practical environment and test this with the target market. The cooperation between HortiTech and Metazet is based on a clear dynamic: Metazet provides the technological expertise, while HortiTech extensively tests these innovations with the practical market. Both parties share the vision of pushing boundaries and shaping the future of horticulture.

Based in our own Greenhouse

HortiTech is based in a R&D Centrum in Honselersdijk. An inspiring location in the middle of the Westland area.

In this greenhouse, we are creating several fully individually controllable departments, each focused on innovative projects. Our focus? Training and cultivation projects, where practice is paramount. Here’s what you can expect:

Testing new cultivation systems:

Discovering and trying out new cultivation systems to optimise production, growth and efficiency.

Demonstrating in practice whether an innovation improves the cultivation process.

We organise hands-on training sessions where individuals or groups gain hands-on experience in the world of horticulture.


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