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About us

Meet the team

HortiTech was founded in 2019, when Peet van Adrichem joined forces with Pim and Perry van Adrichem, after he finished his job as initiator and originator of the World Horti Center. The principal idea behind this unique organization is to help the world grow, with knowledge gained and perfected in the Netherlands.

The current team of HortiTech consists of Peet, Pim, Perry and Ary. Each of the partners brings in his own expertise consisting of a broad horticultural knowledge, structural collaborations, wide international network. A driven and pragmatic team.

Peet van Adrichem

Background: Grower, Innovator and originator of the WHC
Skills: Turning innovations into products and solutions, build organization for innovation and learning

Peet has set up Demokwekerij Westland in 2001, a research and demonstration company where innovations where developed and displayed. Demokwekerij is one of the three founders of the World Horti Center. Peet has extensive experience in innovation projects and knowledge development, as well as a large network within the horticultural industry.

Pim van Adrichem

Background: Agricultural Business Studies
Skills: Projects, planning, financials

Pim has a bachelor degree in agricultural business studies. After graduation he spent two years working for a fruit and vegetable trader and he did set up his own fruit and vegetable web shop. After this period he joined Demokwekerij Westland at their international office, where he programmed horticultural classes and taught international students in both Holland and abroad.

Perry van Adrichem

Background: Mechanical engineering, Teacher at InHolland University
Skills: Design, project execution, training

Perry has obtained a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, after which he worked as a researcher at an R&D company. Thereafter he joined the University of applied science as a horticultural mechanical teacher and became a partner of A3Technology, specialised in product development and horticultural innovations.

Ary de Jong

Background: Crop manager at Demokwekerij and WHC, tomato grower
Skills: Agronomy, continuous improvement, greenhouse controls

Ary started out as a large scale tomato grower and worked for over 10 years as the main grower of Demokwekerij Westland. There is nothing he hasn’t experienced in a greenhouse yet, from growing strawberries to testing new production methods. Ary has a very broad experience in the horticultural industry.

Based in our own Greenhouse

HortiTech is based in a R&D Centrum in Honselersdijks. An inspiring location in the middle of the Westland area.

In this greenhouse, we are creating several fully individually controllable departments, each focused on innovative projects. Our focus? Training and cultivation projects, where practice is paramount. Here’s what you can expect:

Testing new cultivation systems:

Discovering and trying out new cultivation systems to optimise production, growth and efficiency.

Demonstrating in practice whether an innovation improves the cultivation process.

We organise hands-on training sessions where individuals or groups gain hands-on experience in the world of horticulture.


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