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The transformation on Gantellaan continues apace, and that is just as well. Week 6 marks an important milestone, when the first plants arrive for Harmoniz in section 306. On Friday 19 January, Metazet started installing the pipe rail heating. In just two days, they assembled the entire Section 306. The lifting heating pipes from the previous owner will be reused as growth tubes. We are currently busy thoroughly cleaning, shortening and painting them so that they are again in optimal condition for use.

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At the same time, Holland Gaas has started installing insect netting in the windows, while Zwirs Hortiprojects is finalising the concrete bases and floors. This means we will soon be able to complete the facades and roofs. In the coming week, the section will be closed and we can start the decontamination process. On the other side of the garden, Zwirs has started pouring concrete bases, so the contours of the new wards are now clearly visible. In the barn, Stolze has completed the installation of liquid manure tanks and water silos, while the pump set has also been delivered and installed.

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