Practical researches

HortiTech has extensive experience performing practical researches for a wide variety of customers. This experience comes from Demokwekerij Westland and World Horti Center, where the majority of the HortiTech team has worked (notably: Peet as founder and director and Ary as head grower). Due to this experience and the practical mindset of HortiTech on both cultivation and technology, we are able to provide practical, to-the-point research which is always linked with the market with usable results.

HortiTech can offer tailormade research projects, ranging from:

Complete research
Where the client lets HortiTech perform all activities (from harvest to cultivation to customer outreach)

Tailormade research
Where the client decides what activity they need to do themselves, where HortiTech fills in the remainder.

The research and trials are always executed with the target audience in mind. This means that, together with the client, we identify the target audience and involve them as much as possible in the research. Not only does this bring valuable insights for the client and increases the quality of the research, the involved party also gets updated about the latest technology or method through the research.

Researches can be executed at locations suggested by HortiTech, but also at customer locations on site.


The combination of technology and cultivation within HortiTech allows us to assist and support clients in their R&D process. We provide support, aimed at fixing chokepoints in the R&D process, while also providing a ‘practical set of eyes’, meaning: we can view an innovation, method, or product for how it will be used in the greenhouse (and adjust accordingly). Next to that, we can also offer trials and research to test out the innovation in the field.


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