HortiTech is committed to fostering knowledge dissemination through a robust array of flexible and comprehensive training programs. With a deep-rooted dedication to create and transfer learning and knowledge, we employ a variety of innovative methods and approaches to accommodate diverse learning preferences and needs.

Various training methods

Online training
We offer e-learning, standard programs and tailor made programs, which are offered through an online environment (MS Teams, Zoom, etc.). These programs are very suitable to transfer theoretical knowledge. In some cases, this is all the client wants. In other cases, the theoretical knowledge servers as a base for the trainee, from which a practical training can be started. The e-learning courses are self-taught, meaning there is no HortiTech trainer required. The standard and tailor made programs always include a HortiTech trainer.
Trainee groups benefit heavily from first receiving theoretical knowledge online, after which the trainees visit our R&D greenhouse (offsite) or we visit their greenhouse (onsite) for the practical training program.
We can provide training programs at the client’s location.
We can provide training programs at our R&D location.

Three core pillars

Our training programs are structured around three core pillars: cultivation, technology, and business aspects. Within each pillar, we cover a wide array of sub-topics, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and practices. While our standardized training programs feature pre-selected topics curated by HortiTech, our bespoke programs are developed collaboratively with clients to address their specific learning objectives and organizational goals.

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