A wide range of services

HortiTech offers a wide range of support services, based on our experience.
We can help you with the following topics:

Horti Center Concept Development

The founders of HortiTech have extensive experience with Horti Center development. One of the founders of HortiTech, Peet van Adrichem, created and operated the ‘first’ Horti Center in the Netherlands, the Demokwekerij. The goal of this facility was to create a facility where growers, innovators and manufacturers can connect and create market-driven innovations.

Next to Demokwekerij, HortiTech has experience with the setup of:

  • World Horti Center, Naaldwijk, The Netherlands
  • Project setup of Dezhou Horti Center, China
  • Other projects around the world


HortiTech can assist with the project feasibility and design process, together with other parties in our network.

Cultivation Trial Execution and Supervision

HortiTech can set up and create independent trials, with a focus on horticultural topics. Topics can vary greatly, from testing innovative growing systems to practical seed treatment trials and LED research.

HortiTech is an independent organisation, which gives its clients an independent report and result. Customers can either use their own greenhouse to have us execute their research, or use 3rd party facilities like Vertify. 


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