Training and Education

HortiTech offers training programs based on both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, the key to successful training programs.

Depending on the type of training you require, we can make a tailored program fitted to your needs. This can vary from two weeks of theoretical training to three months of combined theoretical and practical training.

The theoretical part contains elements of horticultural technology, cultivation methods and business management. We have developed a complete overview of all relevant theoretical topics from you can make your selection. The wide selection of topics allows you to train for various different processes in your greenhouse. The practical side of our training programs will train you to apply your theoretical knowledge to practical situations. Understanding the theory behind the process is the first step, applying it to the process to control it is the next one.

Practical experience is gained by letting the trainees do an internship at Dutch growers. The selection of a Dutch grower is based on the preference and the needs of the trainees. The trainees will learn why certain activities take place in the greenhouse.

When certain theoretical subjects are being discussed during theory part, those subjects will be used during the practical days as well. That way, trainees learn theory and afterwards see that theory in practice.

Practical Training Services

Theoretical Training

This overview shows the subjects per category. Each training program consists of several subjects, determined by the client. Each topic can be trained up to a certain level that determines the length of the training. Based on the selected topics and the level you want, a tailor made program can be made.

These theoretical training subjects can be combined with practical training modules, so the theoretical knowledge can be applied in practice.


Digital Training Service

Online open training groups

HortiTech offers online training programs, fit for individual trainees. Together with trainees from all over the world, a training is set up online which can be completed in 2 to 3 months. The initial training program consists of basic cultivation topics, which will give a solid foundation on which to base further knowledge gathering. The program contents for the first cultivation program can be found below.

The 1st 'open training group' program

The training program consists of the following:

  • Horticultural assessment and local situation questionnaire
    • The assessment is used the determine the level of horticultural knowledge already present. We will use the results to finetune the training program.
    • We want to ask you to explain a little about your local situation; why are you looking for this type of training, do you have a greenhouse or plan to have a greenhouse, what type of crops are you interested in, what will be the climate in which you want to grow, etc.
  • 11 training sessions of one hour each
    • The lesson package will contain the following lessons:
      • Greenhouse planning (1 session)
      • Cultivation strategy (2 sessions)
      • Crop assessment (2 sessions)
      • Irrigation strategy (2 sessions)
      • Nutrients (1 session)
      • Climate control (2 sessions)
      • 1 recap lesson
        • During this recap session, information from the previous 10 sessions which did not transfer correctly is treated again, as well as any lingering questions.
  • Each sessions consists of 55 minutes of focus on general theory and 5 minutes of assignment explanation.
  • Assignment
    • Each sessions is accompanied by an assignment, which will be sent to the trainees after the session. Within 3 to 4 days, the assignment needs to be completed and sent back.
  • Feedback on assignment
    • After the trainee has handed in their assignment, the trainer will give feedback to the trainee. It can happen that some of the knowledge didn’t stick, this knowledge will then be repeated at the recap lesson
  • Background information (received after lesson)
    • Powerpoint with talking points of that session
    • Additional reading material, such as website or papers (if applicable)
  • Certificate of completion

Group size

An ideal group size is around 7. This size enables discussion without losing focus of the topics. Multiple groups can be set up to accommodate multiple entries.

Start of training and duration

The training package will start in the first week of October, 2020. The exact dates of each session will be communicated later on. Additional groups will have varying starting dates.
The duration of the training will be 11 weeks, with one session per week.

Fee structure

The fee for the 1st 'open training group' package is set at €750,00 excluding taxes (if applicable) per trainee. This comes down less than €70,00 per session per trainee.

Applying for the training program

If you are interested in finding out more or want to apply for one of the training spots, don't hesitate to contact us through

E-Learning Services

To complement our personal training services, we have started building online E-learning modules. The topics off these modules are focussed around the main key elements of a greenhouse and are divided among the following chapters:

  • Horticulture Intro
  • Greenhouse planning
  • Cultivation strategy
  • Irrigation strategy
  • Crop assessment
  • Climate control
  • IPM
  • Post Harvest
  • Labor Management

The Horticulture Intro is a free introduction course to familiarise yourself with the horticulture sector. Each chapter of this module will explain the basics of the subject, and is a great way to get started. In the dedicated modules more in depth knowledge, examples, tips and tricks are given.

More about E-Learning