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Climalux focuses on the development and production of high-quality supplemental full-led lighting systems for vegetable and ornamental crops based on Plant Empowerment, in which energy-efficient growing and optimal production are key concepts. Production takes place in the Netherlands. This unique approach to both lighting and heating creates a highly dynamic crop and also significantly reduces energy costs by recycling heat. Climalux has been engaged in R&D for a number of years and is now active in the market, with a focus on green crops and ornamental horticulture.

HortiTech's activities for Climalux

HortiTech has conducted several trials for Climalux. The connection with the market is crucial, as the effects of the Climalux full-led lamps require a completely different cultivation strategy. Growers using these lamps sometimes need active support in their usage and understanding of the effects, which is also something HortiTech takes on for Climalux.

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