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Use Case IntoTuinbouw

Priva Academy and HortiTech join forces.

IntoTuinbouw is the onboarding programme for newcomers to the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector or those interested in learning more about the sector, set up in collaboration with World Horti Center. We do this with Dutch-speaking groups, but also in English. In a group of up to eight people, we take an intensive look at the sector for a week, visiting the entire value chain. In addition to the visits, participants also receive a ‘red thread’ of context from HortiTech, so that there is an understanding of the sector and why certain things run as they do. Besides getting to know the sector, participants also build their own network. This happens not only with the companies they visit, but also with other participants. Each edition looks carefully at the mix of participants and the possibility of creating a theme. A little more emphasis is then placed on this theme during the visits to the companies and organisations. This way, participants get the big story, but also more information and insight into their specialism at other links in the value chain. Examples of themes are:






HortiTech's activities for IntoTuinbouw

This programme was born out of requests HortiTech received more often during training sessions. Instead of focused training (often very deep into the subject matter), they were looking for an ‘onboarding’ programme, so that newcomers know after a certain period of time what kind of sector they are entering. HortiTech is the implementing party, with World Horti Center being the marketing party. This was chosen because World Horti Center is the hub of Westland and international horticulture, making it an ideal figurehead. In addition, the WHC also has a well-oiled marketing machine, which facilitates promotion.

The programme is completely created and executed by HortiTech, making frequent use of HortiTech’s extensive network. During the week, the groups are always accompanied by someone from HortiTech, so that the thread of the story remains strong. During the visits, the participants naturally have to ask questions themselves, which can sometimes be difficult because of the lack of content knowledge. Here too, the HortiTech facilitator plays a role, by asking about specific issues, focusing on the participants’ backgrounds and on the theme.

After IntoTuinbouw

The IntoTuinbouw week is perceived as very intensive, but very useful. Participants return to their own company or organisation with a good view of the sector and a larger network. We often find that, after an IntoTuinbouw week, we still stay in contact with participants, whom we then help, or they help us. This is how we build on our own network and the horticulture network!


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